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IEL Projects

IEL Projects

IEL Projects

Inclusive eLearning is a young and thus not sharply defined area of research. People use different terms for describing the same goals. In this year's IEL workshop we will compare such terms and expose differences between them.
Caused by the fuzziness of inclusive eLearning there exists no list of realised projects. In most cases it is possible to get lists in the domain of eLearning OR eInclusion. That's why I would really appreciate if you could add some projects you know to the following lists.
On the one hand we want to summarise projects resulting in guidelines on how to develop software in our domain, and on the other hand, maybe even more important, we want to list real software which helps people from our target group. Please feel free to contribute to the following list if you know some interesting work.

State of the Art Projects (finished)

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Research programmes / ongoing projects

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Related studies (e.g. neighbouring areas like psychology)

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Realised software (also useable prototypes)

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